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Enrolling a Foreign Judgment in Maryland or Washington, DC

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Do you have a judgment in your state against a debtor and the debtor refuses to pay?  Even worse, does your debtor now reside, work, or have assets in Maryland or Washington, DC?   If so, we have some tips for enrolling a foreign judgment in Maryland or Washington, DC. If you want to attach your debtor’s assets in Maryland, you will need to obtain an exemplified copy of your judgment under seal. In addition, you will need to register your judgment in Maryland.  Likewise, if you want to attach any assets in Washington, DC, you will need to register the judgment there.  

To collect a judgment in a different state, you must fill out the paperwork and know the rules for that state.  

Enrolling a Foreign Judgment in Maryland

In Maryland, you must file a copy of your judgment with the clerk of the District Court, if the amount of the judgment is $2,500 or less. In addition, you must file your judgment with the clerk of the District Court or in the office of the clerk of a circuit court if your judgement exceeds $2,500.

The clerk will treat the foreign judgment in the same manner as your original judgment.  You must, however, pay a filing fee.  Fortunately,  you can add the court cost to the amount of the debt. Your debtor is then responsible for reimbursing you for that cost.

A properly filed foreign judgment has the same effect and is subject to the same procedures, defenses, and proceedings for reopening, vacating, staying, enforcing, or satisfying as a judgment of the court in which it is filed.

Enrolling a Foreign Judgment in Washington, DC

In Washington, DC, a copy of your judgment may be filed with the clerk if: 

(A) you authenticate the judgment in accordance with District of Columbia law; 

(B) you provide the proper paperwork; and 

(C) you pay the filing fee established by the court.

A foreign judgment which is filed with the clerk in Washington, DC has the same effect as a judgment filed in your state.  

In all cases, you must notify the debtor of the foreign judgement by mail.

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