Judgment Collection

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Judgment Collection

Are you trying hard to collect a judgment, but getting nowhere?  A judgment is a court-ordered legal document; it states that one party owes a sum of money to another party.   The Law Offices of Kind & Dashoff, LLC specialize in all areas of debt collection in Washington, DC and the entire state of Maryland, including judgment collection.  If you find it very hard to collect on a judgment, you are not alone.  The Law Offices of Kind & Dashoff, LLC will use all legal remedies to help you collect your money,

The Judgment Collection Process

When you send a judgment to the Law Offices of Kind & Dashoff, we begin by doing an analysis of the money that is owed to you.  We review a copy of the written judgment.  If needed, we call you and discuss the facts of the case.  We then conclude whether there is sufficient documentation to proceed with the collection process.

Please note that if you provide an exemplified copy of a foreign judgment under court seal to us, we will first enroll the judgment in the State of Maryland or Washington, DC.  Then we proceed as stated below.

The Law Offices of Kind & Dashoff, LLC perform searches to find such things as the place of employment of the debtor, any bank accounts owned by the debtor, real and personal property owned by the debtor, etc.

We then file the appropriate paperwork to collect money through:

  • wage garnishments
  • bank account attachments
  • real property liens
  • etc.

We work hard to satisfy the judgment so you will get paid.  We will pursue any or all of the legal remedies to get your money.  Also, we always move quickly and aggressively to collect the money owed to you.  Additionally, we inform you at every step of the process.  We always follow and adhere to all of the rules and regulations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Contact us at any time at kinddash@kinddash.net.  We will provide a free consultation.