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Important Guidelines for Landlords Drafting Rental Agreements

Are you thinking about renting your property?  Many trusting landlords rent property without a written rental agreement.  Don’t make that mistake!  Above all, the key to a successful landlord/tenant relationship is a well-written rental agreement. At Kind & Dashoff, LLC, we always advise our clients to draft a comprehensive rental agreement. We developed some guidelines for landlords drafting rental agreements. A rental agreement describes the terms and conditions for both you and the tenant.  In addition, it protects your interests and the interests of your tenant. Most importantly, it protects you if future litigation is needed.   Rental Agreement Contents A basic rental...
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Tips for Hiring a Debt Collection Attorney to Collect the Money Owed to You.

Debt collection can be frustrating. Many times people promise they will send you the money they owe to you and nothing happens.  As debts age, they become increasingly more difficult to collect. After you write letters and make calls to a debtor without success for 60-180 days, it is time to consider hiring a debt collection attorney. A professional debt collection attorney has a vast knowledge of collection techniques and legal actions available to you in the state in which you reside or do business.  They will likely yield significantly better results than you can achieve on your own. First, find...
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Tips for Successful Judgement Execution in Maryland or Washington, DC

If you have taken someone to court and you won the case, you may now have a judgment against an individual or a company.  The judgment is a legal order to pay the debt, so you should begin to receive compensation for your losses.  If only life were that easy!! Successfully judgement execution can be very difficult. The time that you can execute on the judgment varies by state.   For example, you cannot execute on a court ordered judgment in Maryland for 10 days.  This delay gives the debtor time to appeal the ruling.  After 10 days, you can proceed with judgement execution. Assuming the...
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Some Quick and Easy Steps to Avoid Bad Debts in Your Business

Having trouble collecting your delinquent accounts receivables? If you are a company and you want to stay in business, one of the first things that you need to do is have a process in place to carefully manage your accounts receivables. If a potential new client wants to do business with you, there are some quick easy steps you can take to see whether you want to provide credit to them. Following these steps can help you avoid bad debts in your business. See whether the business is legitimate. To operate a legitimate in Maryland or Washington, DC, business, licensing...
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The 6 P’s for Successful Debt Collection Calls

Are you having trouble collecting money from a business or individual? You are not alone. Unfortunately, in today’s world, this is a common occurrence. Before you turn over your debt to a collection attorney, we recommend that you attempt to make one or more debt collection calls. Are you apprehensive about making collection calls? You should know that no one likes to make collection calls. It is never pleasant to ask people to pay their bills. However, there are some tips that will help you make these difficult calls. Before you make a call, you will want to review the 6...
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