Tips for Creditors Going to Court

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Tips for Creditors Going to Court

Are you a creditor suing one of your debtors who isn’t paying their bills?  Your letters and phone calls have gone unanswered and your only option is to file suit.  Once you file all of the paperwork, the court notifies you of the trial date.  What should you do to improve your chances of winning the case.  We have some tips for creditors going to court.

Preparing for a Courtroom Appearance

Make a professional courtroom appearance.  Make sure that you arrive early to the courthouse so you can enter through security, find the right courtroom, and enter the courtroom before the trial starts.  Dress professionally.  Turn off your cellphone.  Address everyone in the courtroom in a clear and calm manner.  

Understand the law and make sure that you are in compliance with it.

Identify and compile your evidence.   Compile copies of all contracts, invoices, letters, emails, etc. that support your case.  If you have a contract, read it over to make sure that you understand and can explain all of the provisions.  Once you have identified and compiled your evidence, you should make several copies for the court.  

Come prepared to make your case to the judge.  Write down bullet points that you can use to make your case.  Spend time preparing for a presentation of the evidence.  Practice your presentation in front of others to get feedback.  You want to make sure that your presentation is concise, persuasive, and compelling.

Anticipate what the debtor will say and make sure you are prepared to rebut his/her allegations.  

We hope that these tips for creditors going to court will help you to be successful with your case.

Kind and Dashoff, LLC is a law firm and a licensed and bonded collection agency. In addition, they are experts at debt collection techniques and legal remedies in Maryland and Washington, DC.  They will prepare you so that you will make a convincing argument in court. They work hard to collect the money that is owed to you.