The 6 P's for Successful Collection of Debt


The 6 P’s for Successful Debt Collection Calls

Are you having trouble collecting money from a business or individual? You are not alone. Unfortunately, in today’s world, this is a common occurrence. Before you turn over your debt to a collection attorney, we recommend that you attempt to make one or more debt collection calls.

Are you apprehensive about making collection calls? You should know that no one likes to make collection calls. It is never pleasant to ask people to pay their bills. However, there are some tips that will help you make these difficult calls. Before you make a call, you will want to review the 6 Ps of successful debt collection calls.

  • Person— Make sure that you have the correct contact information for the right person at the company who has the authority to make a payment to you.
  • Persistence–Alas, not everyone will be available to talk to you when you call. If the person is not available when you call, leave a message. If they do not return your call within a day or two, call them again.
  • Paperwork–Have all of the paperwork (credit applications, contracts, leases, letters, emails, etc.) at your fingertips before you make the call. This is very important. Many times, debtors will come up with excuses for not paying their bills. You will need to have the paperwork in front of you so that you can quickly refute their excuses.
  • Professional–Always have a professional demeanor and attitude, even if the person on the phone is rude.
  • Post–Keep detailed notes about your conversations and post them to your collection records.
  • Prepare—Prepare for other courses of action if the call is not successful.

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